Chalet Villa Iergl

Was one of the first houses in San Cassiano
Villa Iergl preserving the distinctive warmth of the family farm

Today Villa Iergl offers its guests comfort and modern services, yet preserving the distinctive warmth of the family farm, originating from the choice of the materials: larch wood from old Austrian barns was used for the exterior, brushed and waxed pine together with “Luserna” and “Piasentina” stone  for the interior, vintage planed oak for the floors. The upholstery has also been selected with care, ranging from fabrics such as Loden to raw silk, from cotton to linen.

An accurate assessment of the environmental impact was also carried out, involving every aspect from the structural features, meant to optimize energy consumption and ensure maximum energy savings, to the overall aesthetics of the Villa, which is harmoniously resting in the landscape of the Dolomites.

Villa Iergl, an old farmhouse of the late nineteenth century that has always belonged to the Crazzolara d’Iergl family, was one of the first houses of San Cassiano, little gem of Alta Badia surrounded by the enchanted Dolomites, and is therefore an essential part of its history. La Villa “speaks” the language of the region, and not only because the family name Iergl is of Ladin origin, but because of its architecture, which is reminiscent of one of the most popular styles of the valley.

The restoration, which became necessary due to a gradual decline, was performed in full compliance with the Villa’s original style. The work has been assigned to professionals with a deep knowledge of Ladin architecture.

Villa Iergl, an old farmhouse of the late nineteenth century

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